South Park is to blame for 9/11 attacks

A recent episode of South Park revealed that Comedy Central will stop at nothing to block images of the prophet Muhammad.

However, this is a new policy. As recently as 2001 they released “Super Best Friends” with an image to the leader of the Muslim world.

That got me thinking, could South Park’s portrayal of the Muhammad have anything to do with the attacks on 9/11?


China Prepares Army for US Invasion

New details have emerged from our affiliates in China. It appears that the regime is gearing up for an invasion into, get this, Alaska. Will bring you more information as events unfold.

Found a new PS3 Media Server program to use!

Looks like there’s a new PS3 Media Server that’s open source AND handles MKV files! This is great because it means I can watch HD rips on my PS3!

Currently in the middle of backing up all my computer data to do a new OS install, but after that I am going to HAVE to give this a try. I will report back here with my experience.